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Download Facebook Application

Facebook is a biggest social media network at the moment, and Facebook App will maximize your experience with Facebook. Having Facebook App installed on your devices will bring you the convenience of using Facebook.

You can directly download and install Facebook App via Google Play store or Apple's Appstore, but we recommend you to download the offline installation of Facebook App from our website for several reasons:

  • You can save data traffic by download our offline Facebook App installation. If you are using a limited data package, this is an excellent choice since you can install and uninstall Facebook App with the offline installation without any worry about data consumption.
  • You can avoid being hacked by malware or virus. There are so many websites providing Facebook services as well as applications. By using proper installation from our website, you can stay safe from the virus and malicious software.
Messenger App Download Facebook App Download

Essential Features of Facebook

Account Direction

As using the internet version, Facebook for Android empowers users to make an account or log. Users can input info about themselves, upload videos as well as pictures, and modernize their status, in addition to view friends' profiles and add new buddies. Besides, they are in a position to share it with their particular friends, develop a group or a favorite list, and receive tellings and new feeds.

Instant Messaging

This program makes it more easy to chat in private as well as in group messages, both with friends on Facebook. Dialogs may be enlivened with emoticons and smileys.

Games and Programs

Like in the internet version, Facebook share their scores right on the network, in addition to for Android users may enjoy various games and programs.

Other Systems

Facebook for Android is Windows Phone, iPhone, and also on BlackBerry.

Messenger App Download Facebook App Download

Like in the internet version, Facebook for Android users can enjoy various games and programs, also, to share their scores directly on the network.

Download Facebook App for your mobile devices right today to enjoy connecting with friends and relatives!

The downloading process is easier than ever. You can install Facebook App on your devices by just downloading the offline installation on our download page and install whenever you want.


Download APK file for Android


Download IPA file for iPhone and iPad. Both new iOS (10,9,8) and old iOS (7,6) are supported