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Facebook Lite Application

Facebook Lite App is a smaller version of the standard Facebook App, which is currently available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Facebook Lite App for Android devices was released in January 2015 and now has hundreds of million users all over the world.

Facebook develops Facebook Lite for the needs of Facebook App on old, low-cost and low-spec Android smartphones and tablets. Facebook Lite is lighter, faster and can work with a poor-quality internet connection, suitable for 2G networks while still be able to use most of Facebook basic features.

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Why Facebook Lite App?

Messenger App Download Facebook Lite

1. Facebook Lite is lighter: Typically, Facebook Lite APK installation file is only a little more than 1 megabytes. With a standard internet connection, it takes only ~1 second to download the APK file and a few seconds to install it on your Android devices. It would be great if you are the user with a limited internet connection, or you just need to save some space on your old Android smartphones.

2. Facebook Lite is very data-efficient: We design and optimize Facebook Lite App in a way to minimize data transfer over the internet, in order to let users save their data cost and make the application faster than ever. You can also use Facebook Lite Application with a poor quality internet connection, e.g., 2G networks. Facebook Lite App has some features that were specifically designed to save data, e.g., it will tell the users how much the video weight, in term of data, before playing it. And not as the standard version of Facebook does, it only play a video when the users choose to play that video. No automatic video play is implemented.

3. It is easier to install Facebook Lite: Because of the small size of APK file, Facebook users can download and install Facebook Lite App in seconds, even with a weak internet connection. It is also easier to uninstall the app and manage the storage on your Android devices.

4. Facebook Lite is the fastest Facebook App ever: Yes, it is the fastest version of Facebook App, ever. We optimized the graphic user interface, the data transfer mechanism to gain the best experience for Facebook users, even with an old, low-spec Android devices or poor internet connection.

5. Facebook Lite still has Facebook features that meet your demands: You can still enjoy most of Facebook features by using Facebook Lite. You can still post your status, both with text, images or videos. You can still interact with your friends and relatives by like, comment and share.... Let's find out more by downloading and installing Facebook Lite App for your Android phones right now!

Messenger App Download Facebook Lite


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