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Standard Facebook App Download

If you need a great user interface and full of features of Facebook App as you can find on the web-based version. Please consider downloading standard Facebook App to get the most of Facebook. With standard Facebook App, you will be able to upload high-quality images and videos, as well as play videos immediately from Facebook Timeline.

Furthermore, you can stay "more" update with Facebook new features, such as "react", when using the standard version of Facebook App, since we have the priority to update the standard version before coming to the lite version.

Messenger App Download Facebook & Messenger Download
Messenger App Download Facebook & Messenger Download

The standard Facebook App is available on many platforms and devices. At the moment, you can use the standard Facebook App in web-browser (multi-platform), Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Again, if you are using a high-spec smartphones or tablets, and you have a good internet connection, we recommend you to use the standard Facebook Application. Please navigate to our own download site for Facebook Application to download the standard version of Facebook App.

Download Standard Facebook App

Standard Messenger App Download

Messenger App Download Facebook & Messenger Download

The most drawback of Facebook Messenger Lite App is it still doesn't support video-call. You can only send to your friends and relatives text chat, photos and emoticons. If you have a high-spec Android phones or tablets, and a good internet connection, please download and install the standard version of Facebook Messenger to enjoy every feature of the app.

We provide the download links for Facebook Messenger App for multi-platform include Android, iPhone and iPad (iOS), Windows Phone, Blackberry, Linux, Mac and Windows Desktop PC. Please navigate to our specific website to download Facebook Messenger App for your devices through the button below.

Download Standard Messenger App